Team technical

Every day, our teams at Picanol work together to help our customers grow.
Their everyday experience in the mainstream markets and their specific knowledge of the technical market: that's what Team Technical is all about.
As locally connected first points of contact, they are dedicated to service for our technical customers, growing together with their needs. Meet the teams.


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  • Central Textiles, USA
    Patrick McReynolds, Manufacturing Manager

    Central Textiles is an integrated textile producer that has been operating in Central (South Carolina, USA) since 1984 when the current owners purchased an old, existing textile..

  • Heathcoat Fabrics, UK
    Peter Hill, Director Woven Fabrics

    Heathcoat Fabrics Limited was established in 1808 by John Heathcoat, the inventor of the bobbinet lace making machine. It relocated from the English Midlands to its present site..

  • Mattex, USA
    Patriek Demeyere, Operations Manager / Penny G. Justice, Beaming/Weaving Manager

    Mattex started production of woven polypropylene carpet backings in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) in 1996. For almost two decades now the company has experienced consistent growth. Matt..

  • Sage, USA

    Sage Automotive Interiors became independent from Milliken in September 2009 and now ranks first in the USA and 2nd in the world. With a presence on all continents and a workfor..

  • Santex, Italy
    Roberto Fusato, Weaving manager

    Santex describes itself as a 100% commitment to the health system. And yes, indeed, this is their core business: the whole range from incontinence to hospital dressing products...

  • Setex, Germany
    Heiko Wehner, CEO / Diana Göcke, Sales

    Christo’s Floating Piers
    At the Setex plant in Greven, Germany, two Picanol OptiMax 540 cm machines worked around the clock for six months to produce a very special kin..

  • TFE: Textiles For Europe, Austria
    Bernd Matt, Company Manager

    TFE - Textiles For Europe was founded in 1995 as a weaving mill in Nüziders (Austria) and now also has a second plant with finishing in Bludenz, a small town in the Vorarl..

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