Impossible? Not anymore.

This is the Picanol motto as we bring our machines, service and solutions to the technical weaving market. We believe that if you want to achieve the impossible, you first have to imagine the impossible.

In many markets, real breakthroughs do not come from the traditional players. This is because they believe in the old approach: “We’ve always done it this way.” Picanol is not limited by the conventions and assumptions that every traditional player in the market believes to be true. We take a fresh look and come up with alternative solutions. We have an open mind.

We have a strong foothold in technical weaving, but we come from the mainstream weaving background. And we are convinced that technical weaving and mainstream weaving can learn a lot from each other.

This may sound like heresy, but we believe it to be true. Of course, mainstream weaving has always benefitted from developments in the technical markets, just like mainstream cars use technologies derived from Formula One. But the mainstream market’s attention to aspects like speed, costs and customer service is relevant to the technical market too. Or at least, it should be, and hasn’t been enough in the past, we feel.
Anyway, Picanol's selling volume in the mainstream market allows us to invest in world-class manufacturing and in technological advances that are also relevant for the technical market.

So here is our view of the technical weaving market, in 6 principles.

Technical quality is our
number one priority.

Principle #1

Technical quality is our number one priority.

Let’s start with the main principle, which we do not challenge. In the technical weaving market, everything starts and ends with the quality of the final fabric. Does or doesn't it meet the very strict quality requirements of the technical markets for which it is designed? For Picanol too, this is our starting point and the ultimate criterion for all our machines and services. We do not question this goal. We do question the way to achieve it.

Nobody wants to be stuck
in a fading niche market.

Principle #2

Nobody wants to be stuck in a fading niche market.

There are thousands of different kinds of technical fabrics, and nobody can weave them all. So working in the technical market, almost by definition, means working in a niche market, and there is nothing wrong with that. On the contrary, it can be quite profitable.

But nowadays, technological progress is getting faster and faster. Since technical weaving is at the forefront of this, markets are changing much more quickly. And the last thing you want is to be stuck in a fading niche when the market changes and you are unable to follow. This is where our mainstream versatility proves its value.

Your fabric is so special,
only one machine in the world can weave it?

Principle #3

Versatility through modularity.

Technical fabrics have to meet very specific requirements. In order to create machines that can weave them, it seems completely logical to start from those requirements and build a machine around them. That way you can guarantee perfect delivery of a perfect fabric. However, this comes with a price. Literally, of course, but also in terms of market flexibility.

Picanol’s way to achieve this versatility is to start from a common base and then create specific modules to meet specific technical requirements. Modularity allows our machines to quickly adapt to changing requirements. This means that not only is your original investment lower, but you also benefit from it longer.

Technical quality and versatility.
Impossible? Not anymore.


Just because it’s technical,
you weave it slower?

Principle #4

Speed is everybody’s business.

Who can honestly say speed is not important to their business? Is there any market left in the world that has not seen dramatic increases in speed of operation, along with expectations of fast delivery? Why should the technical weaving market be any different?

Traditionally, the focus on technical output quality has sidelined the importance of speed of weaving. But why should you have to choose?

Picanol has always been known for the speed of its machines without compromising on quality. This is something we are now proud to bring to the technical market.

Technical quality and speed.
Impossible? Not anymore.

So you buy an expensive machine
without a second opinion?

Principle #5

Technical should not mean unaffordable.

Gone are the days that just being in the technical market allowed you to ask unreasonable prices. You cannot charge your customers anything you want, so neither should your suppliers.

Again, our background in the mainstream weaving market has taught us how to handle price competitiveness. We’re not afraid of it. And again, our system of modularity allows us to offer a technically equivalent solution at a very competitive price, compared to a traditional made-to-measure solution.

Technical quality and competitive pricing.
Impossible? Not anymore.

So when you need technical support,
you have nobody to call?

Principle #6

Customer service excellence to match the technical quality.

Many premium markets offer premium service, compared to their mainstream counterparts. This seems, strangely, not to be the case in the technical weaving market, where weavers do not enjoy the speed and quality of service that have become standard in the mainstream weaving market.

Picanol has grown up in the mainstream markets, and so we’re used to providing excellent customer service as a basic necessity for competitiveness. Simply said, we try harder.

Also, our system of modularity allows us to have more technical people able to handle your machine, and a better spare parts service level in all the important weaving markets than any competitor. This way, we can react quickly and decisively to any problem you might encounter, and you’ll be up and running again much faster.

Technical quality and excellent customer service.
Impossible? Not anymore.

Let’s grow together

We believe in win-win situations. Especially in the technical market, delivering the very specific solution for your very specific problem requires working together. And this cannot be achieved unless both parties can win.

Picanol is a market leader in mainstream. In the technical market, we have lots of room to grow. But we cannot do it without you. We’re convinced the whole technical market can grow through versatility, good service and speed. And so can you. It all starts with a mindset that is open for alternative solutions. We’re ready for growth. Do you want to grow with us?